About Us

  • It's well known in the world long ago that there are some temporary markets in the main squares at the week end for the day time.
  • These markets are extended to cover different cities all the week around. Where every city is famous for different item.
  • So, this initiates the idea first to be the market around the River Nile where the life started.
  • Then, this idea is extended to be the African market co.
  • It's not only born in Egypt, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, red sea and River Nile.
  • It's not only that Egypt is the heart of the Middle East and the gate for Africa.
  • It's not only for fast growing IT technology and global communications.
  • But also, the experience of the staff members of African market co. Who know how to reach customer; directly, precisely and faster.
  • AFRICAN MARKET CO. is an established company based in Egypt. We cover all Aspect of Export and Import by Air, sea or Road.
  • Started in 1993 exporting pharmaceuticals as an export agent for the two main manufacturers of private and public sectors.


  • To cover all Africa with African products.
  • To build better communications between Africans.
  • To develop together as African family.


  • To represent more manufacturers in more countries for to distribute more items.
  • To make the necessary African market studies.
  • To facilitate better transport solutions between Africans.
  • To develop the trust in the African products, by following the ISO rules, the R&D the modern models of total quality management and to exchange the experience of others
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